In the future, the society of the metaverse will mix with our real world. Your past behavior in the metaverse will be accounted for as part of your life and will function as a reputation score in society. Currently, however, in the gaming world, the platforms created by content makers are centralized, and data is not transferred between platforms, making it impossible to accumulate a reputation score. Your life in the metaverse you spent is fragmented. Akashic Recorder solves this.

Akashic Recorder ― On-Chain Action History showcase

How it's made

Call the Akashic Recorder API from within your Unity project. Inside the API, we use Lighthouse to record the JSON data of the in-game actions into IPFS, and as soon as it is recorded in IPFS, its CID is recorded on Ethereum. Covalent is used to retrieve the CID information from the on-chain, and based on that information, NFTPort can mint the NFT to the game user.