Our simulation and minigames are about Aquatic sports and Water activities where the recycling/reusing or cleaning out plastics debris rewards the player with Cryptocurrencies. AQUA Metaverse features DEFI services, Virtual Waterfront Lands, 3D Virtual Worlds, Minigames, OpenSea NFT Marketplaces, NFT creation templates for board designers, NFT waterfront property templates for communities to modify and recreate their own looking-like piece of AQUA Metaverse and bridge in to the blockchain economy. We help Brands, shops, local designers, and artists, to build, mint and exhibit their NFT collections for the visitors to see and buy. Our Metaverse virtual worlds aim to more than Virtual Waterfront Properties. 3D models from fantasy, and real world Brands or individual designers of Paddle Boards, Surf Boards , Windsurf, Kite Surf, Air Wings, Foiling, Kayaks, Moto marine, Boats, Yachts. The Virtual lands in our Metaverse concept use a technique where Dynamic NFTs have multilayered animated images. We use live data from radars to generate real environments inside the NFT and games landscapes.

AquaMetaverse showcase

How it's made

I have been working for long time in my cave on this project and doing this hackathon to validate what I am doing is in the right direction, and to meet the community, I need devs and game devs to continue. Unfourtunately during the hackathon I was the only one who delivered something and hacked a cool feature with Pinata and Opensea Unlockable content I will add to the NFT collections. My team was not responsive and game dev was sick, he started to try advancing last day. I am really happy I was able to advance and prove I am using Moralis, Pinata and IPFS in the right direction for the project. I also met some devs who want to join the project post hackathon, I am already a winner! Technology used is HTML5, Javascript, React, Moralis, Tatum, Python, Node, C, REACT, Unity, Photoshop, Blender, Remix, Smart Contracts, Pinata, IPFS, Ethereum, Polygon, CELO, Solana, Opensea API, Wordpress for community site, other tools