Hey everyone, Blocz learners is a Dapp platform to teach advanced concepts of crypto and NFTs to the general public. We aim on Giving users real time experience by using a risk free virtual wallet, and by Incentivising them with quests , rewards and tokens . The Missions and objectives of blocz is to : 1. Help people learn Decentralized Finance, with no upfront investment and Zero fees 2. Create a Fun, Interactive way to learn about blockchain technologies , Cryptocurrencies 3.To be a trusted Source for Blockchain, De-Fi Concepts, learning The vision of Blocz: On board the next Billion people to Web 3 We have a presentation and a pitch deck please do check out the links below as well : Vision and Tokenomics thank you

Blocz Learners showcase

How it's made

Since the project is aimed to onboard new users of crypto, we have tried to keep things simple and user-friendly. We have used ReactJS on the frontend and an Express users on the backend. Users perform certain tasks and get fungible/non-fungible tokens in return. For minting the NFTs, we have used NFTPort minting API. The images are stored on IPFS through Lighthouse-web3. We have also enabled usage of 2 wallets ; Sequence and Metamask to connect to the app and mint NFTs.