The kids learn about sustainable practices and get credits for learning about Climate Change and the Environment and get rewarded for making good choices and punished for choices that are harmful to the environment. Learning as they go - Play to Earn and Play to Learn 😉 The ultimate aim is to educate the future (and current) generations about their choices and how those impact at scale. We do this by gamifying the learning with competition amongst their friends and gameplay that is immersive and engaging

Citizen Alpha showcase

How it's made

The tech stack we chose in the end was to go with PhaserJs for the front end, NestJS for the API backend and solidity code with NFTs deployed on ImmutableX for carbon neutrality and IPFS/Web3 storage. We managed to get the phaserjs game hooked up with the backend API and added routing as well as interacting with ImmutableX marketplace and minting NFTs on L2 dynamically