Concept : ColoMint Jackpot is focused on gamification of a fully decentralized and community-driven global lottery built on chain Network. ColoMint Jackpot offers ColoMint NFT holders entry to jackpot draws. The main concept of the Jackpot Color NFT is to give incentive to users to hold on to their NFT by playing game of painting as they enter in weekly draws. Each ColoMint NFT minting s distributed to the jackpot pool on chain network. A Paint is considered as business revenue for jackpot DAO is distributed to the jackpot pool for every transaction in ColoMint network. Entry : Each Wallet can have multiple entries by purchasing of ColoMint NFT. For purpose of this event, we kept it 2 NFTs per wallet purchased using. Each NFT will have RBG value generated. This smart contract is based on << bounty technology>> JackPot : Every Entry will create the pool for jackpot. The jackpot will be held on multi-sig sequence Wallet. Winner : Jackpot will run for each week. At the end of the jackpot duration, the smart contract will generate the random RBG color. If the NFT with that color is already Minted, then we have a clear winner. If not then smart contract we will find the closest Minted RGB and if there are more than 1 at same distance then jackpot will be distributed among 2 winners Additional Game - Revenue driver : To make it more interesting, the game will offer to purchase black and white paint to purchase. You can paint your NFTs darker or lighter based on your interests. The expectation here is to create a 3D model of compostable NFTs that will allow interaction with multiple NFTs to create the game that is entertaining and rewarding. Using the paints you may be able to alter your RGB values to create the distance in RGB values for your multiple minted NFTs. This will be revenue for Dao and it’s in best interest to make it more interesting

ColoMint - Mint it to WiniT !! showcase

How it's made

Completely on-chain Core mechanic of game is handled by smart contracts, supported by frontend Transparent and open-source smart contracts and frontend We firstly did the frontend and then Smart Contracts. Then we finished backend and deployed SC onto frontend to see how they are working side by side and how they interact. The Key technologies used are as follows IPFS for application distribution Valist - Quixotic Chainlink Polygon