This Project has a NFT Minting Dapp, where we can mint NFTs and see all those NFTs in Open Sea. These NFTs have certain features like Spells, Houses, Patronus and Characters which can be utilised in other Games related to Harry Potter.We have used Pinata with IPFS to store NFT Metadata. We deployed it using Remix, and the deployment is done using Polygon Mainnet to reduce gas fees. All these NFTs are randomly generated with a certain Rarity Level of each Trait, which will make each and every NFT Unique.

Cosmo Infinitas showcase

How it's made

This Project uses Node JS to generate randomly generated NFTs, with their Metadata. These Metadata and Image are stored using Pinata in IPFS. Once the IPFS CID is generated, all these NFTs are deployed using Solidity and Remix Editor. The Minting DAPP is developed using React, HTML and CSS. Every Metadata is stored in IPFS, and this complete project is deployed using Polygon Mainnet. Pinata made it extremely simple on how we organise the Metadata and images using IPFS.