Acquire in-game resources (ore, lumber, leather, gems) and craft gear and equipment for yourself and other players. I've always enjoyed crafting items and armor in video games. I liked the idea of being able to gather resources in a game and have the items live on through multiple games. There's actually an entire community of players who enjoy just crafting gear.

CrafterVerse showcase

How it's made

Resources are represented as ERC-20 tokens. A staking contract simulates harvesting resources. Harvested resources are burnt to craft unique NFT items (swords, armor, equipment). Players can customize their NFT items with images, descriptions, backstories and create collections of NFTs that have an associated on chain cost. NFT descriptions are stored on IPFS. Crafted items have a rank - players can choose to burn more ERC-20 tokens to rank up an item to simulate common/uncommon to legendary/artifact levels of rarity.