Crypto Crush - play to earn App. Crypto Crush allows you to play, learn, collect NFTs, donate them and share them with your friends. Crypto Crush is a decentralized version of the Candy Crush platform for users to play and earn NFTs. Users can play, mint NFTs, send them to their friends or other players NFTs. As well as to add themes for new game topics.

Crypto Crush showcase

How it's made

Crypto Crush application makes use of the following software: * Deployed smart contracts on the `Polygon (Matic)` Mumbai test network. * Used `hardhat & MetaMask`. * Upload and store files to ` Lighthouse, IPFS NFTStorage` [IPFS]( platform. * Build a simple `Solidity ` smart contract. * `OpenZeppelin` Library to customize smart contract * `Covalent`fetch and retrieves all the NFT from a wallet address * `NFTPort`Facilitated the NFT minting process without any fee for transactions. * Develop, deploy, and run tests the application with `Ganache` (local blockchain) * Build and use `React Js` to create components for single-page applications. * Chainlink: for random generator number, Material-UI` to build faster, beautiful, and more accessible React applications.