CryptoTeckels borns from the love of technology and animals, especially Teckel Dogs, and we want to reserve a space for them in the new digital world that is being built, CrytpoTeckels wants to take your pet to each metaverse of the cryptographic world, to achieve this we use interoperable standards on the most popular blockchains such as the ERC-721 standard and the ERC-1155 standard. In this initial phase we want to trade CryptoTeckels in traditional NFT markets such as OpenSea. Besides, we want to promote them and finance the following phases with the incomes from the initial sale. Later on, we want to make alliances with large metaverse projects to include CryptoTeckels on these projects.

CryptoTeckels showcase

How it's made

CryptoTeckels was made using HashLips (Canvas API, Nodejs) library to make the art generation, then we used Pinata (Cloud - Gateway) to upload images and metadata (JSON) to IPFS (Interplanetary file system). Afterwards, we developed a smart contract (Solidity) with the ERC-721 standard and deployed on Polygon Blockchain using In adittion, we created a CryptoTeckels website wich contains info about the project and links to OpenSea (Market), using html5, css3, javascript, nodejs and expressjs. This website was deployed on Herokuapp using github.