With Cyber Music you access the world of decentralized music creation. Here you can create song templates, where everyone can join making music with you. How does it work? 1. Create a song template, where you can choose a name, some instruments, a fixed duration and bpm value. 2. Upload a track for an instrument in this song or invite people who can do it. 3. Let other people join your song and give it free for the "make a song" game. What is that "make a song" game? You can play an instrument and want to create a song with other randoms? Here you are right. Choose your instrument and Cyber Music get you a song back, where your skills are needed. What else can cyber music do? If you thing your song is ready to publish it, let cyber music do it for you. We create a nft out of your song and publish it to the web3 world. More things are coming soon.

Cyber Music Workbbench showcase

How it's made

Cyber Music is a dApp programmed with Nuxt.js. I take use of the Moralis SDK to host our dApp, the database and auhentication. Also I load every track, song and metadata over moralis to ipfs. NFTPort is used to mint the final NFT. All other functions are implemented with javascript and Nuxt features. The animation for the casino slot machine is created with rive2. For the styling I used vuetify.