A digital scratch card Dapp. Users can purchase digital scratch cards for a chance to win NFTs. Digital scratch cards contains 9 random images (3 by 3 grid) which is determined by Chainlink VRF. If the users matches 3 images, they win a NFT. Artists can create digital scratch card by uploading 9 artworks as images which is stored on IPFS. They earn a percentage when users purchases their digital scratch card.

De-Scratch Off showcase

How it's made

I built the front end with react and use bootraps 5 for styling. I built the contract with hardhat. I deploy my contract on Polygon Testnet. I used the following technologies: - Chainlink VRF to determine if the user won something from digital scratch card - to store images for the digital scratch card on IPFS - NFTPort to mint the NFT of the digital scratch card on Polygon for free using Easy Mint API - Covalent to display user's NFTs from wallet using Covalent API - Lighthouse to store digital scratch card's cover on IPFS forever