Magic was the first collectible card game with millions of players. There is an active secondary market for Magic cards. However, physical cards are hard to store and verify authenticity. Magic cards can also be collected digitally, but these cards are stored on a centralized server. dMagic is a decentralized Magic card collection powered by NFT. Users can pay a small amount fee to draw a card and mint it as an NFT, which can be easily traded on a public marketplace

dMagic showcase

How it's made

dMagic is built with React and Ant design UI components. Users can connect to Metamask or Sequence wallet on dMagic. dMagic uses Chainlink VRF to generate a random number to choose a card when a user draws a card. dMagic uploads NFT metadata through NFTPort API. dMagic also loads NFTs within a contract with NFTPort API. Finally, the application is deployed to IPFS through Fleek