Our team finds most exercise options and routines boring. We all played sports competitively and we are looking for a sports like experience when we workout thats quick and fun. One thing we noticed with most digital experiences was that they were missing key components of a real sporting event. The three components we have decided to focus on this project are: judging, prizes, and documenting the event. We believe that web3 provides us with tools to make these areas scalable. The basic premise of our app is a user can choose to participate in a quick 60 second challenge (example: most pushups reps) or choose to be a judge by watching player video submissions and give official rep counts. Players must pay with our own Dojo tokens in order to play and show commitment. These dojo tokens become part of a larger pool that is used to reward judges. Last but not least the winner of this weekly event receives an NFT of their performance. In order to ensure accuracy we require that at least three judges agree on the rep count. In the future we hope to expand the challenges, build scalable contracts that can be used by anyone to run an event, incorporate other verification schemes (computer vision, oracles for judging credentials) and incentivize community participation by building a token with real monetary value and utility.

Dojo Challenge showcase

How it's made

This is our first time working with web3 technologies as our background is mainly as full stack devs with a focus on flutter development. We built a mobile app that records video and uses Firebase as a CDN and datastore. On the web3 side we used the Moralis web API to verify token payments. We used NFTport's API to save video files to IPFS and also to mint NFTs. In order to mint our Dojo tokens we created our own contract using Remix and used Infura as an RPC server to distribute rewards to judges. Without the sponsors tech we would have never been able to integrate this all this functionality into a flutter mobile app. I think we surprised ourselves building a video fitness game with these web3 components in a week and most importantly are hooked on web3.