With the sudden burst in the NFT space that is ever-changing the accumulation of NFTs can soon be so overwhelming and hard to manage, users would constantly want to have new features on NFTs, even in metaverse the simulation of the NFT should be so real that it mimick the situation of their environment and other changes around. That is why we proposed a more dynamic NFT that can be generated on the fly. In order to achieve this without much ambiguity, we infused a 3D filter into our design systems so users can apply esthetic filters in different art styles to their NFTs and make changes to them, the usage of this cannot be overemphasized in the fashion world of NFT, gaming amongst others. This would bring a more real-life experience to how we perceive NFTs and their digitalization.

Dynamic NFT showcase

How it's made

These dynamic NFTs are generated with the AI technique. It generates arbitrary art styles of faces via AI generation models. These AI generation models learn the art styles from 3D cartoons, comics or some unique art paintings, and transfer the real faces into art portraits. Each face image is generated by a unique random seed that encodes the facial attributes, and different seeds can be merged to generate mixed styles. Moreover, we can even achieve a real-time 3D filter manipulated from physical being action. How the Dynamic NFT works? 1. User connects wallet, upon success user mints an NFT. 2. User can apply filters to their NFT artwork on the front end dynamically. 3. User can now apply filters to their NFT accordingly and still retain the URI of the NFT token. It's still the same NFT but a different appearance. When a user mints an NFT on Dynamic NFT then the NFT should be able to be changed, by changing I mean they can change its appearance while retaining its token URI, it's just a front-end AI magic.