Instaverse is a web3 and metaverse version of Instagram. It's a site where users can interact and share their NFT collections, as well as see them in a personal gallery. This project combines metaverse with NFT to create a decentralized social media version of Instagram where creators, clubs, and collectors can interact, share, buy, and exhibit their collections using their own metaverse Gallery. Everyone can join the web3 club, which makes displaying their collections and galleries simple and enjoyable. Check out the NFT collection and immerse yourself in the one-of-a-kind experience of a personalized metaverse nft gallery for everyone.

Instaverse showcase

How it's made

I build this Project using Hardhat smart contract framework ,Openzepplin ERC721 sdk for making non-fungible tokens contracts Standards with IPFS URL metadata file, solidity for developing to two smart contract one is NFT contract and second is marketplace contract ,Moralis Speedy Link for Rinkeby testnet RPC to connect with rinkeby network and deploy my contract on to it on Backend. For Forntend i used Nextjs as UI framework , Tailwindcss for styling, IPFS for NFT metadata storage. This project uses Heavy Tableland for data schema and NFT Profile. The Fornt End is build upon nextjs and backend is build on solidity, tableland API, Moralis API for fetching and developing personal wallet and NFT Clubs gallery. All The SQL Table Schema for users data, user profile, nft gallery table , suggestion , like followers are all developed using tableland nft sql schema.