Our mission is inspire millions to learning something new, bring them to Web3 world. LearningAnimals is a quiz-themed web3 application. It is a place where you can learn and earn by playing quiz. Players can earn $LAC tokens and NFTs by making and answering quizzes, being selected for good quizzes, and doing well in quiz competitions. Quiz competitions are held for a specific theme each period of time. Players can play and learn through quizzes on that theme. Quiz competitions is holded by companies, DAOs or someone who want people to learn about thier product or protocol. They bring prize to our protocol and the prize is distributed to learners. The quiz competition is divided into two phases: the making phase and the playing phase.In the create phase, users can create questions and study the created questions. In the play phase, users can play quiz competitions in which the questions are chosen from the created questions. In the quiz competition, players will be rewarded with animal NFTs for good quiz questions and for good results. This NFT is a collection and is used as a proof of learning that the person is a Learning Animal.

Learning Animals showcase

How it's made

UI/UX selection using Figma Front-end implementation using Next.js Smart contract development using Remix and solidity Deploy NFT images to IPFS using Pinata Design Throughout the entire design process, we were particularly careful to create a design that would feel familiar to people who have never touched a web3 application before. Another thing I tried to do was to remove individuality by using a lot of colors (usually, the app's theme color is chosen to give an impression, so I did the opposite). This was an experimental attempt. The design of the NFT was intended to be a source of motivation for players to create and study quizzes. We tried to make them proud to have this. Front End The quiz game is a buzzer quiz. Therefore, we created a mechanism that allows the game to progress in real time. The quiz data is fetched from the chain, and if it cannot be loaded, the quiz will stop progressing. Back End Smart contract implementation using Remix, IPFS for NFT using Pinata Deployed to Three contracts were created: Track, Quiz, and AnimalNFT.