A web3 social open protocol which supports users to issue personal nft then forming private groups and communities. Register a domain name based on the social domain name service we offer. After registering a domain name, you can issue a personal version of social NFT, and no more than 150 NFTs will be issued in total. People who hold your NFT will automatically become your friends, and this is the core logic of our social service. The social domain name service serves as a login carrier for social chat services, and also carries personal WEB3 business cards.

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How it's made

The social domain is built based on ERC721, and the social domain is used as a unified login account for the social chat service. The social chat service takes the data generated by the chat and stores it in IPFS according to the user's intent. The friend relationship determination in the chat service is automatically listened and executed based on the on-chain contract status.