Metaverse is open, but you can have privacy and selectively share your content with only designated groups of people using NFTs as gatekeepers. In this hackathon, we are implementing a proof-of-concept using Twitter as a demo. We make all images on a tweet obfuscated unless you subscribe to the content. Each tweet can be represented using an NFT, the message as the description, and the media content as the metadata image or video. By using Submarine by Pinata, we can obfuscate the media content for those who subscribe to our profile. Every subscriber will be issued an NFT so they can view the gated content.

Meta DeSo Club showcase

How it's made

First, we select Polygon as the chain as the cost of transactions would be more affordable. We use NFTPort to mint new tweets (description + media) and store the media using Pinata Submarine. When a user subscribes, we use Molecule Protocol to mint a token to the subscriber's wallet to enable their access to the gated content. To begin with, we forked an existing Twitter UI public repo that contains basic Twitter UI and add a web3 connection (Metamask) to create profiles. Then we build the tweets by using NFTPort for minting new tokens and using Submarine for storing media content. Molecule protocol would allow users to mint NFT tokens for whitelisting, and it is used for subscribing to other users.