We started working on the project with a very simple idea . Implement a few DeFi Features inside a game. That is very clearly what the project ended up being. Our goal was to experiment with a new way to interact with the DeFi Ecosystem. That experiment was rather successful. We still have a long way to go in terms of project completion. Essentially the project is about introducing a new user interaction predominantly for the play to earn/win segment , with DeFi. There is much bigger scope of large amounts of liquidity being locked up. Because of the large influx in Metaverse related projects an In Game Defi Solution seemed very attractive to me.

MetaFin showcase

How it's made

Its is made with the Moralis SDK as the main backed. I depolyed several smart contracts for staking , rewards , NFTS and so on. The moralis SDK directly binds the game with the Blockchian. I wanted to experiment and see if i can make meaningful DeFi interactions from within the unity environment. Which was possible through the Moralis SDK and the boiler plates. Chainlink was another crucial part in determining the price of the staked token. The way it is all pieced together is that a User plays a game and gets a reward and he can immoderately stake that coin and start earning a reward on it without ever leaving the game. Capital is never locked up.