MetaSnap combines decentralized storage and known web archives to create an archive for metaverses. The archive is designed to take any url through user input. It then queries the web content with the assets of the metaverse and saves it decentrally and verifiebly with Filecoin. This allows the user to create snapshots of a metaverse at any given point in time. Furthermore, the users can see all snapshots that have been created of a specific URL and date. This allows the user to travel back in time and have a verifiable proof about what assets were used at that time. With MetaSnap, for the first time artists are able to create a proof about copyright infringements of their own art in seconds. This can help them to more easily do their copyrights claims and therefore have a weapon against pirating. In addition, the states of metaverses is archived which will have cultural value in a few years as it documents the development of web3 in a verifiable way while being a web3 project on its own.

MetaSnap showcase

How it's made

We used Filecoin & IPFS for the decentralized storage of our snapshots. When a user wants to capture a snapshot, the response file is uploaded to Filecoin using textile buckets. Since our App is based on React, we use js-textile, the javascript wrapper for interacting with the Textile Buckets API. Metadata of each snapshot is stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. Our solidity smart contract allows storage and retrieval of the metadata of all snapshots. This ensures that the snapshot cannot be manipulated and verifies the originality of the respective content stored on Filecoin.