Ever wonder how music might exist in the metaverse? Metaverse Music is a WebXR prototype that puts you inside of a song, creating a spatial, interactive audio experience. As a creator, you can upload the stems of the different tracks of your songs, and then as a user you can visualize and arrange the stems in a VR/AR landscape. The positions of each stem affects the spatial arrangement of the track, so as you move through the space, the audio adapts. Create your own arrangements or choose from some presets. Jump in and find out how cool music can be!

MetaverseMusic showcase

How it's made

Metaverse Music is built using both web3 and webxr technologies. For the backend, Metaverse Music has an nodejs based api that uploads music stems to Pinata for storage using IPFS, and also leverages Tableland to query and store the metadata of available songs. The frontend is built with AFrame and Threejs to create the VR/AR experiences, as well as Typescript, and Tailwindcss.