MindJam is a platform for mind games and mind-building content - crossword puzzles, memory challenges, educational games, and more - all available via the blockchain. Players can connect their wallet to access games for free via a web interface and opt to pay with MINDJAM tokens for clues or access to answers. Players that complete the puzzle correctly within the first 24 hours receive token prizes and a NFT badge. The fastest player receives a grand prize of tokens and special NFT badge. Game Creators can connect to the MindJam platform and submit their own designed games for free. Creators get access to an engaged ecosystem of players and share in the revenue earned from token payments. MindJam is the premier decentralized destination for all things mind games related in Web3.

MindJam showcase

How it's made

On the front end, we use React with Typescript and Ethers.js. We leveraged open source components for design elements (Chakra) as well as a crossword game board React component. We created a backend made up of an Express server hosted on Heroku, a MongoDB instance to hold game data, and our site was hosted on IPFS via Fleek. On the blockchain backend, our smart contracts were written in Solidity and pushed to Polygon Mumbai Testnet. We leveraged Pinata on IPFS for NFT badge creation.