This project is actually made up of two projects. The first project is a 3D model generator. Choose your NFT and create an exact 3D model of it to use as your game avatar. For the time being, it only works for some Bored Apes, but other collections (and Apes!) will be given some love in the future :) The second project is an NFT traits recognizing AI. Due to time constraints, I only trained and tested it on the Bored Apes dataset (although the data for training cryptopunks is ready and just needs some final tweaks in order to work). The model correctly identifies the traits 99.99% of the time.

NF3D showcase

How it's made

Built using Moralis Vanilla JS boilerplate. The project is based heavily on Bootstrap, Javascript, and foremost 3D manipulating library Three.js. The models were modelled by me in Blender. After logging in with Metamask, the user will be able to view a gallery of all of their NFTs. The user can see their selected 2D NFT formed into a 3D model after clicking on it (for now only available for some Bored Apes). The Covalent along with NFTPort APIs handle the data about each NFT, as well as their metadata with unique traits. After clicking the minting button, the hot wallet message pops up. After accepting the transaction, the model is being converted to JSON format and NFT metadata is saved to IPFS storage.