This project has the dual purpose of: - providing light relief for those that may have purchased NFTs at the height of the craze and are now unsure what to do with them. - allowing the NFTs to go to a good cause and be rewarded with some recognition. The basic principle is that owners can pay to exchange their worthless NFTs for a memorial to their short lives, and in the process claim KLIMA tokens represent Carbon credits that have been removed from the market.

NFT bonfire showcase

How it's made

In it's simplest form, the Dapp has a Web front end and a new NFT contract that only mints new NFTs on payment of a 'donation' and an existing NFT owned by the sender. This NFT contract will render the existing NFT 'terminated' and mint a new (creepy) memorial NFT in it's place. The 'donation' will pay for gas and the reminder is turned into Klima tokens using a DEX. 3D renderings will be prototyped so that burning can be animated in the metaverse. This is a longer term project which is under way. Concepts such as a memorial wall or graveyard may be explored as are different ways of 'terminating' NFTs according to the context.