NFT Capsule or NFTC is a platform for white-label NFTs lootbox/vending machine/gacha. NFTC presents a new way of trading and distributing NFTs via a fair on-chain verifiable raffling mechanism. NFTC provides two main features: 1. A prize list that is made up of existing NFTs. 2. A prize list that is made up of a collection of NFT with different rarity

NFT Capsule showcase

How it's made

IPFS, Chainlink's VRF, Moralis, React, and express backend for handling smart contract calls programmatically. Storing stuff on IPFS is so much easier and fast than years ago with tools like Moralis and Pinata and Filecoin ❤. The backend is challenging because it is the first time I did something using ethers.js on a node server. Chainlink's VRF is also cool.