A web3 experience for accessing any Metaverse, Games, any other content or services on internet. We are building a platform which aggregates Metaverse, Games, Avatars and other web3 elements from multiple publishers. Nftenia platform authenticates a user's access permission based on his ownership of a particular NFT. In case, the user does not have the NFT, he is prompted to buy. Once user's ownership of NFT is established, he is allowed to access the Metaverse or Games. We are also building money streaming for certain cases where user may not want to buy NFT.

NFTenia showcase

How it's made

Nftenia's front-end is built on next.js, javascript framework. For styling front-end pages, we are using tailwind. Backend is also on next.js and business logic details are in Javascript and we use ethers/web3modla library to invoke web3 modules. We also make use of ether.js, openzeppelin and web3modal in our code. IPFS is being used to store metadata. We are using solidity to build smart contracts. We are using Hardhat for our test environment and metamask as crypto wallet.