NFTrials is a free to play game that allows players to earn NFTs. Each player has equal chance of winning. NFTrials also seeks to acquaint players with the concept of NFTs while promoting African culture by integrating art created by Africans. Players get access to the game by first connecting their wallet. After successfully connecting their wallet, they proceed to the game page where they get a trial per day to correctly guess the right combination that reveals an NFT. The combination of each NFT of the day is divided into six (6) components. These components are randomly distributed into eighteen (18) different tiles from which players make their guesses. Players that successfully guess all six components get rewarded with an NFT. Similarly, players with the highest number of correct guesses are featured in the leaderboard.

NFTrials showcase

How it's made

The concept behind NFTrials emanated from the need for inclusion of conventional web users in the Web 3 space. The project interface was designed using Figma. NFTrials was built using the novel Diamond Standard (EIP2535). It is a browser based game that integrates players' wallets on the backend for rewarding winners. The Frontend was built using Next JS and Tailwind CSS.