A game made for ETHGlobal hackaton 2022 There is crypto battle from the future raging in the present. Null Zoners are rebels against the evil Hash Lords who have outlawed the use of cryptocurrencies. You fight with Cosmic entities Crystal Collosalities Cyber Elves Cyclopean Holography Dark Matter Beasts Deep Hash Heaven Believers Demons from the seven realms of Hell Digital Prime Intellects Dimensional Archers Flora Bionic Creatures Gravity Beings Gravity Disruptors Hackerz Of The Universe Halvsies Human beings travelling in time machines...... LIST GOES ON

Null Zoners showcase

How it's made

GPT-3 generated Game World, descriptions, names, backstory. GPT-3 talks to GAN/CLIP AI script that generates the NFT images for the game event. This is uploaded to IPFS. Minting is done using NFTPORT, IPFS is cached using Pinata. The whole script ran for about a week and generated 1000 NFTs.