Parcels is an original way to combine Web 3.0 with strategy games, using a middle-age inspired 3D models, this decentralized game gives you the ability to grow your own parcel by farming $RES that will allow you to build more buildings on your parcel. While you grow bigger and bigger, you will be able to see your progression using the 3D-rendering of your parcel with all the buildings you previously built ! 🐥 Twitter: 👾 Discord:

Parcels showcase

How it's made

This project was made using 3D render models made in Blender, the front end was made using React mainly and there were different solidity contracts built to handle the relations between the grid, parcels and components. It was very interresting to find a solution to host all the data for the very high numbers of assets the project was handling. For the project we used local harhat nodes and geth and also the ethereum testnet with Kovan Proof of Authority. We would have liked to present it on Optimistic Kovan but we don't have the faucet and the bridge from Ethereum Kovan and were limited in time.