Pixel2Canvas lets you and your frnds interact in a whole new way, you mint a PIXEL NFT which you can use to create a canvas consisting of many such NFTs. Finally you can mint the big canvas NFT as a token of collaboration or proof that you were part of this particular event. Canvas NFT is composed of Pixel NFT and you can mint as many PIXEL and CANVAS. This concept was inspired from reddit's r/place ( where users compete to place a pixel on a big canvas. Similarly here users can place their pixel on top of other to override someone else pixel color. Users can mint the canvas itself at any time.

Pixel2Canvas showcase

How it's made

For this project I have used Scaffold-eth react boilerplate. Front-End lets you mint PIXEL and CANVAS NFT, it also lets you place your minted PIXEL to the CANVAS board. I have use NFTPort for storing Canvas metadata to IPFS, which is stored as tokenURI in ERC721 contract. Hardhat and node as solidity development environment and alchemy to deploy to kovan Optimism.