This project empower artists and users to mint their NFT music and embed them into an AR experience. With playmint you can: - create custom AR music distributions hosted on IPFS - You can listen in AR, share your curated playlist and transfer them to others. - The dapp incentives curators and artists with custom tokens!!! This tokens allows to create new copies to share and enjoy. ## use case I: Play 2 earn With playmint you can have custom AR music distributions, listen them in the metaverse and win token as you share them. how? 1- got to and buy a distribution 2- each one allows you to a limited amount of shares with your friends. you need more shares, no problem buy new ones in from the DAO, or you can earn them by receibing shares from others (each three shares you receibe you win 1 token!!! ) ## use case II: Sell your music As an artist you may want to sell your music; but CDs and Vynyls are expensive to produce and dificult to carry. Try our PLAYMINT AR distribution. Easy: 1-Mint your music 2- print your ar card 3- Sell them at your concerts

PLAYMINT showcase

How it's made

- playmint's dapp generates an encryption key for each minter; - The minters upload their tracks to IPFS-FILECOIN - The resulting CIDs are encrypted with a custom key, and these encripted CIDs (eCIDs) are embeded into the NFT's metadata - each distribution is loaded with tokens that are automatically airdroped to each new player that receibes the music. This projects uses: - *covalent* to display the dapp logic and give cool insights into user managment info - *moralis* to deploy some backend magic like making drafs and generating user keys - *AFRAME* to create our very particular AR metaverse. - *crypto-js* to encrypt the CIDs of the tracks embeded into the NFT metadata itself. - the decryption key is stored in the playmints DAO and is transferred to the NFT owner Considerations: - an artist could use this method to show his proof of creation based on the encrypted CID and the timestamp of the minted NFT - files are uploaded to IPFS without encryption - the CIDs of each track are encrypted with a custom user Key generated by playmint, and theencrypted CIDs are included into the metadata (encrypting the audio files would result in overhead in the files and inefficiency) ## The minting part - An artists uploads his tracks and creates a custom musical distribution - Artist mints and puts the NFT for sale into playmints marketplace ## The AR/metaverse part - A user buys this NFT qnd receives the key to access the music and the QR-AR market to share this NFT - The chain id, the contract's address and the token id are passed as parameters into the url to the recipient page (ar.html) - With covalent we retrieve the data and calle the NFT metadata for the token id - the metadata is parsed; the eCIDs are decrypted and passed as tracks into the application - user can pay his customizedmusical distro ## The play to earn part Each NFT is loaded with playmint tokens that are airdroped to the first listeners to whom the distro is shared. - the tokens are airdroped for order of arribal until the tokens are consumed and the distro is not able to be shared anymore