Presentation: (should be publicly available, pls ping if not.) Prism enables creators to publish digital items and compose new assets based on these. Prism will facilitate this with an easy to use dapp that interfaces with the PRISM contracts and enables creatives to launch their projects with this interoperable paradigm. Owners can buy, sell and recompose these assets into new compositions. Projects can collaborate in permissionless fashion and easily onboard new creatives into their ecosystem.

Prism showcase

How it's made

Our POC solidity contracts enable the following: - create trait collections - create master nft collections - mint trait nfts - mint master nfts - contracts deployed on polygon testnet: Each object that constitutes a potential part of a full composition is represented as a semi-fungible ERC 1155. The parent NFT links to current trait composition saved by the owner of parent + child NFTs. This way, NFTs are composable, mutable and extendable. Vision: Users get to auto-generate avatars based on traits for different universes. The current composition of the Master NFT (metadata) will be stored in TableLand. DAPP: - React Dapp - NFT owner facing frontend MVP done - not fully hooked up with TableLand and contracts yet - item hierarchy for layering not functional yet (algorithm WIP) - project onboarding flow tbd