Players will play as Solarpunks or Cyberpunks and choose a hometown where they will be rewarded with Energy or Chips, by registering and verifying parks, landmarks, universities, bike trails, industrial zones, and other elements from their hometowns as NFTs. These rewards can be used to upgrade their hometown places, increase their rewards for all verifiers, and mark the place for the team with the most verifications. Beyond the difference between Solarpunks and Cyberpunks, the game incentivizes collaboration between teams to maximize the rewards for all the players in a city. Depending on the place's stats, cities will compete in a leaderboard for reward boost

Punk Cities showcase

How it's made

This project uses IPFS to pin images and Metadata from in-game places via NFT Storage and pinata to store the fixed 3d asset on ipfs along with the submarine feature for unlockable content, an ERC 1155 contract for in-game assets, players interactions, rewards and NFT minting for verified places. The UI is built from a scaffold-eth public template, react-app router, and web3 libraries.