The Renderpub team believes we can make the metaverse visually more appealing and functionally more performant to make it highly engaging to everyone regardless of their technical knowledge or demography. The current metaverse platforms looks subpar because: i) Creating photorealistic 3D content is hard ii) Optimizing the content for usage on web is ever harder iii) Architects aren’t building it We believe architects are uniquely positioned to build the metaverse because: i) they have a clear understanding of the form and function of spaces and are able to clearly define interactions between spaces and their users. ii) they already possess a plethora of 3D models that they’ve built over the years that can be leveraged to build the metaverse. iii) they have an incentive to bring these dormant 3D models to the virtual world and monetize them. The complete scope of the project is as briefed below: Renderpub has 2 key offerings: i) an open-source, decentralized, photorealistic metaverse platform called "Renderpub Spaces" (scope of this hackathon) ii) a content creation tool to build the metaverse called "Renderpub Studio" (already built over the last 3 years) We are building a prototype of Renderpub Spaces for the scope of this hackathon. Renderpub Spaces: Renderpub Spaces is a photorealistic metaverse platform for experiencing architectural spaces socially. With an immersive photorealistic environment we bring the emphatic feeling of experiencing a real world space digitally at your fingertips. It’s high accessibility makes it an easy option even for those who do not have fancy hardware to access an appropriate environment to either conduct their business, hang out with friends or exhibit their art work. Key features: Accessible on mobile, web, VR Mint Spaces as interactive 3D NFTs Bring 3D NFTs into Spaces to showcase and sell Spaces can be connected through portals making them an inter-connected, inter-navigable cluster of immersive VR environments Spaces are interoperable across different compatible metaverse platforms Interactions through text chats and video calls Build-to-Earn economy that incentivizes architects to build high-quality 3D content at scale Renderpub Studio: Over the last 3 years we have collaborated with many architects and experts in the field to build and perfect Renderpub Studio which will be ready for beta launch in about a month. Renderpub Studio balck boxes all the tech from the content creator and keeps them focussed on the design. With Renderpub’s unique optimization techniques, you’ll be able to load a bigger model with better graphics and host more number of people in the Space compared to that of any other content creation app. Key features: Architectural Modeling Realtime Ray-Traced Rendering 3D Asset Libraries One-Click export of highly optimized and compressed VR assets(Spaces) onto Renderpub Spaces and other metaverse platforms. Renderpub Studio Demo : Renderpub Studio Trailer :

Renderpub showcase

How it's made

Technologies used: ThreeJS - WebGL 3D Engine - Realtime Communication and Multiplayer Functionalities SimplePeer - WebRTC for video chat EthersJS, Web3JS - for web3 functionalities Rinkeby TestNet - Test Blockchain Network Hack: The 3D model is assumed to be hosted on ipfs. We have manually hosted our 3D model on ipfs using instead of uploading dynamically via script. The 3D model shown is taken(purchased) from Sketchfab. This being our first experience with web3 and our first ever hackathon, we were very pleased with being able to ramp up quickly and create a 3D NFT minter. We are also happy that we were able to integrate simplepeer.js into our application for video chatting inside a 3D interactive environment.