A monopoly game where players can buy, manage and trade assets in form of NFTs. Players can range from a minimum of to a maximum of 8. Players can play among themselves or with a bot. The normal rules of monopoly stands by. The NFTs can be transferred among the players at any point in time. A player when lands on a place and either buy that place or trade or pay a nominal fee to another player who own it.

Roll and Stake showcase

How it's made

This project uses opensea SDK in order to create NFTs. As a multiplayer game the user also can let only the bot to play among themselves, in this scenario the wallet address is pre decided. The user intially has Rs.1500 as dummy value to play with. Once this value reaches 0 the user is eliminated. As long as the user value isn't 0 the user can stake and trade and be part of the game. Once the user is eliminated his assets are auctioned and can be bought by other active users. At any point in the game one user can willingly trade their assets to any of the active players within the game.