An Epic Game for everyone. This is a play and earn game that uses the bio-inspiration of the soldier ant. A The soldier ant colonies fight the bigboss (another soldier ant with foodstuff) for food and if they defeat the bigboss, they win and carry the food. The battle is of colonies with different strength that is shown in the NFT Characters. If you mint a character with a great attack power, it will definitely destroy the big boiss and win the combat. After winning, you get rewarded with an NFT. Token reward coming soon.

Soldier-Ant Colony showcase

How it's made

Used Openzeppelin ERC 721 smart contract, ether.js was used for testing,Game smart contract was deployed on optimism kovan (Quixotec). The front end uses react js framework. ethers.js was used to interact with the smart contract ABI. IPFS/filecoin, Pinata, valist and Light House were used to upload project to decentralize d storage using IPFS Filecoin storage technology