The mission is clear. Step in to embrace a immersive metaverse gameplay experience. This is 3D FPS game with 8400+ weapon NFTs with unique stats, distinguished look and feel. You can mint your own weapon NFTs which we call a SuprArm from our website and play them in OUR GAME directly. Playing alone is boring.... Worry not! we have a multiplayer setup where you can play against your friends or anyone from around the world who have minted their own guns. Getting a bit excited? There are a lot more things we are proud to share with you. We have designed two amazing gameplay environments for you. A futuristic sci-fi lobby where you can view your NFTs and equip them before going for the battle .We also have a space-themed battle ground with super-realistic particle systems, planets and much more. Cheers!!

SuprArms showcase

How it's made

Building this game from scratch for this Hackathon was an amazing experience. In fact, we had to learn a lot of new tech stacks to complete this game that we envisioned on Day 1. To be honest, we were able to achieve more than what we initially planned for this project. On the front-end side we are using next.js with tailwind CSS. Moralis is used for connecting with wallets (ex. MetaMask), interacting with smart contracts and getting the NFTs. The NFT images and Metadata are hosted on IPFS and pinned in Pinata. As for the backend, we are using polygon network for high through-put and low transaction fees leveraging off-chain computation offered by ChainLink VRF to introduce randomness. We developed our game in Unity v.2020. We have set up the multiplayer server in Unity using Photon Unity Networking Service. Cheers!! We would like to thank BuildQuest for giving us this amazing opportunity to develop something great in this short span of 2 weeks. We would also like to thank the Team BuildQuest for being supportive and constantly helping out to make our project a success. Cheers