It provides a competitive and fun experience while using blockchain and NFTs to create a meaningful use case. Symbals provides a gaming experience with good sound effects and also you can earn some extra perks by burning your NFTs. It is based on an easy start so users can easily learn what the game is about. A simple user interface makes it more entertaining. This project focuses on the utilities of the NFTs in a simple game.

Symbals showcase

How it's made

It is made using the Polygon, Moralis, and IPFS, NFTPort stack. I have used express as backend and simple HTML js in the frontend, Implemented a game using this stack. Stored the blockchain data like scores and levels. I have also used Sequence wallet as well as Moralis to give users an option to connect to the blockchain. The burning feature will introduce a need for new NFTs which will increase the use of NFTs in the marketplace. NFTPort helps in this majorly by giving an easy and efficient way for minting multiple NFTs whose collection can also be deployed on OpenSea marketplace.