Ascii art is an unpopular branch of electronic art. Cards based on Ascii art designs are in the following format: Has A/B sides (more sides can be extended in the future). The A side will be the card name + Ascii image; ![Screenshot 2022-03-13 10.42.19 PM]( Side B is the card name + card description ![Screenshot 2022-03-13 10.42.24 pm]( There is a `flip` button below, click the button to flip the card. Using Ascii NFT Card Protocol has the following benefits: - Ascii Art is cool - Reduced design cost of NFTs - It can be naturally used in various card-related scenarios in the past, such as card games.

 Tai-Shang-Ascii-NFT-Wallet&Protocol showcase

How it's made

Build the Wallet based-on scaffold-eth; Build resources gallery and page generator by elixir-phoniex-liveview; Build tai-shang-ascii-nft-contract by Remix,and already deployed on polygon network; Thanks everybody that works for this project, thanks polygon network! it's happy to finished our project in few days! Ascii art is amazing!