Bring to life your NFTs into the Tama World Metaverse. Mint your customized Tama container that will let you interact with your Tama Friend and earn $TAMA while having fun and enjoying a good time with your valuable NFT. Clean Sleep Eat Play!!!!! This is a statement on branding and nft ownership!

Tama World showcase

How it's made

We've started with the scaffold-eth as our base and using React we've updated it to create the initial version of what's gonna become the Tamaverse. In the Tamaverse, users will need $TAMA, which is an ERC-20 token specially designed for this world, that will let you purchase collectibles and consumables to execute interactions with your Tama Friend, which will be a unique item in an ERC-721 contract, that will be contained in your customizable Tama Container, that will let users select the attributes they want on their own container, before minting it as a new ERC-721 item in our Tama Container contract. We have also included a DEX to allow users buy and sell their $TAMA tokens with ETH. The Collectibles and Consumables will be an ERC-1155 contract, and the Tama Container implements the ERC-1155Receiver interface to be able to receive and compose any purchased ERC-1155 element.