Do you work with teams? Do you need to share bounties or revenue? Create a team address with the TeamBounties Protocol Receive as many ETH as you want from any wallet or get your own link 1-Click withdraw to all team members! (can be initiated by anyone) Composable (recursively split). Permissionless. SOON Multi-chain. with Token rewards, DAO to manage split

TeamBounties showcase

How it's made

The core smart logic is in a contract factory that mints a new wallet (anyone can create one) for each team with equal split. Currently 3. later plan to allow deciding the share, 2-5 participants. The project uses solidity with smart contracts and a smart contract factory to create wallets. 200 lines of solidity but no dependencies. 200 lines of solidity and equal number of test LOC. React. 8bit css FTW.