This game lets users pit their favorite NFTs against a wall of enemy NFTs in classic brick-breaker fashion. Now NFTs are not just pictures, but actually part of the game! Users log-in with their ethereum wallets to generate a list of their ERC-721 NFTs. Users then choose an NFT to be their paddle avatar. When the game commences, the user bounces the pong ball off of their paddle to destroy bricks. These are no ordinary enemy bricks, as they feature the images of the world's most expensive NFTs. A real david-versus-golliath dynamic. Users who beat the first round can move onto future levels that become more challenging through increasing ball speed and a shrinking paddle.

Tuqiu showcase

How it's made

Using React.js, we built a web app and web3 version of brick-breaker. We leverage NFTPort to generate the images of NFTs in a logged in user's wallet. This is critical, because once the user selects an NFT, that NFT is their character throughout the game. One particularly hacky thing we did was to fork in a react.js version of the brick-breaker game that's built entirely with SVG elements.