It's a just wordle game with quite complex logic for NFTs. We were trying to build a win-to-earn game with NFT's. We have ERC-721 for each guessed word. We also have in-game currencies which are ERC-1155. They are Gold, Bronze and Silver. We also have in-game exchange where players can exchange in-game currencies. And the most interesting for me part - we have mapping, where we can stuck multiple NFTs into big one. So okay: we have multiple ERC-1155 for each letter: we have Silver letters from Alphabet, Gold and Bronze. Each letter player can buy with a suitable in-game currency. And from there people are able to stack these ERC-1155 letters with ERC-721 words. And make bigger NFTs :) I hope it makes sense, please check contract, it'll make more sense then!

Wrdl3 showcase

How it's made

Solidity for smart contracts, JavaScript for everything else :) We want to deploy our contracts on each of these networks tbh (and even beyond that) - so every community will be ably to play our game. But right now we got a lot of problems with Tailwind (something for styling) and we really did stuck there. We use IPFS pubsub (but just PoC in App.js file, but..) so yeah