NFT Koi fish; Zen Koi! Each koi for your pond is a unique NFT. Build the main koi pond add breeding ponds if you wish. Expand and decorate your pond to support more koi. Breed koi to create unique colored/patterned koi that vary in growth rate. Create custom feed and grow your fish after and larger than anyone else. Sell the special feed to others or keep it secrete. Planned in a future release genetic-based research into koi lineage to emulate offspring variations based on parents. Possibly helping real-life breeders simulate offspring of two koi. The game is designed to support / function as a Twitch overlay providing endless entertainment for your viewers.

Zen Koi showcase

How it's made

Used Unity to speed up our asset creation and had hard times with generation and shaders. Moralist was not as easy to bootstrap into the project and the documentation could be improved. Valist is missing patchers and launchers which requires us to do it manually, our game is too big so we can't upload it. IPFS/file coin borrow huge amounts of data to allow us to not store it in the contract until the player wants to mint the koi, polygon studios easy to deploy, cheap for gas fees and contract deployment.