Bots are not fun to play with. But with financial incentives in P2E games, it's profitable to run them and siphon valuable rewards from honest players. This project creates a meta-game that can be layered on top of any other blockain game to weed out bots from competition. It is a simple quiz game where users should answer questions. Since blockhain is public, we use zk-SNARKs, so no one could copy your answer. Player show on-chain proof that they know answer for question, but don't reveal it.

zk-Sieve showcase

How it's made

We use circom and snarkjs for zero knowledge proofs. Chainlink for the randomness in questions picked and moralis + nftPort on the frontend side for our sample game. It's interesting how we implement ranked questions, they constantly moving in array. The more their win rate deviate from 80%, the further away they are in the array