We believe the web is moving away from attention as its business model toward community & collaboration. We create tradeble cashflows by assigning an NFT to a collabor using a constant flow aggreement. We needed to understand how supertokens can be used to code programmable networked cashflows. With that cashflows budgets can be distributed between individual contributors to a musical track or for any knd of creative collaoration actually. User flow (see also Video demo) - create supertoken DAIx from DAI using the dashboard - sender contacts the Superfluid host contract - host contract calls contract function to start a superfluid stream - budget NFT contract - manages NFTs that manage budget distribution - the DAO sends funds to the contract to initiate a musical collaboration (a.g a music track) - the contracts owner mints an NFT to the track owner - whenever parts be added to the track (or any creative process) the NFT is sold (or transfered or “shared”) with a follow-up collaborator or split

Alas! Community Aid. showcase

How it's made

1️⃣ Explore "anti rival NFTs" aka "Acknowledgement Token" ~ reputation systems ( We came up with a simple metric to adjust the flowrate based on the distribution of rewards in the ollaboration system. 2️⃣ Superfluid community aid distributes funds to rewards (musical) collaboration. similar to CoFund and Coordinape but using split-NFTs 3️⃣ DAO treasury funds can governed by a Gnosis Safe multisig ~ Potential to bootstrap a regen farm without a token sale using fractionalized NFTs