Participation to DAO Hacks Hackathon by AQUA METAVERSE DAO , founded by Aquatic Sports fans for the world! We are committed to the promotion of plastic recycling & cleanup activities worldwide. We believe environmental extraction of plastics activities self-organized by individuals, companies, and communities matter the most! Extraction of plastics have the highest impact on our ecosystems! We will prove it by providing modern tools and websites to organize and track the results of each effort by using multimedia metadata, Geo-spatial information, big-data analytics, Internet of Things IOT device readings, artificial intelligence AI including machine learning algorithms, and real scientific ecosystem analysis results. Blockchain technologies are used to ensure the immutability of the data we store and use to provide public information data feeds.

Aqua-Metaverse showcase

How it's made

Mix of technologies we have Wordpress and HTML5/REACT/JS We use Unlock protocol to control access to web sections and discord channels. We are a community so we accept NFT access from other sites , we use the gating feature for this. Web3 sites, Moralis, Tatum, Ethereum, Polygon, Celo. Solidity Smartcontracts ERC721 ERC1155 testing Music NFT and Identity NFT integrations