A problem I often encounter in business is the lack of consideration for our wishes or the daily routine. So I tried to set up a CAO : Corporate Autonomous Organization allowing people to participate fully in the life of their company. The CAO reinforces on the one hand his belonging to a company hanks to a NFT avatar which you have to show in order to enter the dao, then there is a strong gamification with the possibility to win rewards in the form of NFT. With these rewards, we touch at the end of the month ETH and ERC20 native tokens. These ERC20 tokens allow you to propose and vote on proposals for improvement on any point of the company. So, the more rewards you get, the more weight you will have in the company. Plus, the with the stream tokens, you can plenty have privileges being a senior in the company. The days of working for raises without being able to act on the company are over!

corporate autonomous organization showcase

How it's made

For the first in several hackathons, I challenged myself to go through it alone to see what I could come up with, even if I didn't manage to complete it all, I'm pretty happy with what I could build Concerning the group membership, I used SkillWallet to manage various company tasks (board, rank, permissions) and their ability to manage a dao at user level (resistance to sybil attacks thanks to their application, non duplication of avatar nft, etc) Concerning the nft storage, to make the system semi decentralized, I chose to use for its ease of use. In order to have a constant flow of erc20 to the employees at low cost, I used the Superfluid technology allowing to emit a constant flow of tokens, which is quite remarkable and practical! Finally, concerning the web3 objects request, I tried to set up TheGraph, but the time for the graph to synchronize I was out of time... These elements make a resilient and secure CAD with viable processes for both employers (gamification to produce quality work) and employees (NFT, ethers, proposals).