Overview of how DAOs can improve and their current shortcomings. Provides brief solutions on how DAOs can improve and actually achieve their ideals. Currently, DAOs pretend to be community driven, open and transparent. In reality, DAOs are masquerading as traditional organizations, where outcomes can be manipulated, authority is overpowering, and not all activity is transparent (ironiclly). Rug pulls are a dime a dozen, with new scandals and issues popping up in the news every week. For DAOs to be the manifestation of their founders' ideals, we need to see decentralization at the very top, for founders/creators to let go of their control and to pass authority fully to the DAO and to be entirely transparent about all activity that occurs.

DAO Bad showcase

How it's made

The technologies used to build this project were JavaScript, React.js and Firebase. They were used to develop the client facing interface and design, allowing for users to view the information regarding DAOs. Unfortunately, this project did not include new or notable technologies, but ultimately I was impressed at my team's ability to piece together a project in a couple hours.