DAO Guru is a platform that makes it easy for DAOs to run businesses by providing their products, services, and subscriptions in a decentralized manner. The future of governance is DAO and DAO Guru will help organizations with key functionalities to run businesses like: DAO Escrow: By DAO Escrow, DAOs can set up escrow agreements with other DAOs or individuals and as per the payment terms, funds will get locked from the buyer’s account to DAO Guru to smart contract and once the seller submits the delivery and its acceptance by the buyer, the smart contract will release the fund from smart contract to seller’s account. Subscription service: DAOs can create their periodic subscription service and accept recurring payments from their clients. We have used a superfluid service to stream subscription payments from buyers to sellers. Invoice: DAOs can create invoices and collect payment via the Invoice “Pay Now” button. Products/Service: DAOs can showcase their list of Products and Services and interested buyers can contact them to know more about their offerings. Hiring: Here DAOs can create post their hiring requirements and interested candidates can discover various categories of DAOs as per their requirements.

DAO Guru showcase

How it's made

We have used the following technologies: Superfluid: We have used the programmable cash flow of Superfluid to accept DAO's periodic subscriptions. The Graph: Subgraph query has been used to fetch cash flow transactions and balances which are incoming/outgoing. IPFS Web3 Storage: We have stored JSON data of invoices on decentralized of IPFS-File coin. Covalent: We are fetching all the on chain invoices details using covalent API. Skill Wallet is used for onboarding members by connecting wallet and joining DAO in the easiest way.